The Importance of Looking Important

We live in a society, in which businesspeople are taken way more seriously than normal working folk. Not that this is wrong, but even if it is, that is the reality. Question is – what makes people take them more seriously? What is so special about successful people? Actually, when it comes to it, how do you judge that someone is successful or that they are a businessperson? Does something give that up? Is it written on their foreheads? Of course not. Do they tell everyone they meet? Some probably do, although most don’t. After all, a king who needs to say that he is a king, isn’t really that much of a king, right? So then what makes people attitude change? What makes certain individuals look way more important than most? Is there really a secret to it, some kind of a trick or what?


Truth is there isn’t really a trick. Secret it may be, but it isn’t trickery, it isn’t a magic show. Some people just understand the importance of being important. Or actually – looking important. If you are familiar with TED Talks and TEDx Talks, you probably know that many people there are dressed up when they talk. Most of the time they are official and they present a kind of authority. Maybe they don’t even realize it, but they have an effect on people. One author has said, that it is a great gift and a great curse to be able to speak with such authority, that even when you are wrong, people think you are correct.

Confidence has a lot to do with it, but there are other, more effective things. Like looks. To put it even more bluntly – it is mostly looks. Dress up in a suit, go around the city, walk into shops (even a coffee shop) and just notice how people will treat you differently. People are just prone to being and acting submissive, when they deem someone more important than them. Psychologists throughout the ages have argued that people natural state is to be free, but new studies have picked up that maybe that isn’t true. That maybe people want to be free, but feel the need to look up to other people, to have someone with authority over them. And this isn’t wrong per se, but is it really freedom? We will leave psychologists and philosophers to deal with that problem. We are here to address the reality and how you can make most of it.

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