How to Compress Business Training Videos to Share with Colleagues

Do you have some business training videos that you want to share with your colleagues to help bring them up to speed? In many cases training videos are saved in extremely high quality, and that can make sharing them difficult – particularly if you are going to have to upload them and then have your colleague download them.


To get around this problem you need to be able to compress video so that you can shrink its file size so that it is more manageable. While that will affect the quality of your videos as well, so long as you don’t compress it too much it should still remain high enough that it can be used effectively as a training video.


Conventionally compressing videos is often regarded as difficult due to the complexity associated with it. Fortunately, Movavi Video Converter will simplify that and allow you to directly determine the file size that you want by adjusting a slider.


Essentially all that you need to do is add the video and then click on the estimated output file size value and adjust the slider that appears until the file size fits your needs. When you’re done you can convert the video and it will be roughly the size that you selected.


If you feel that you don’t need to share the entire training video and only really need a specific part, you can use Movavi Video Converter to trim out all the unnecessary bits and save the part you need as a much shorter clip that is easier to share. Also with its features you can improve the video quality, extract audio from video, create animated GIFs, add customizable text, and much more too.


As you can see, compressing a business training video will be a piece of cake when you use Movavi Video Converter. Considering it is so easy, you should definitely take advantage of your newfound ability to compress videos and use it for other purposes too – such as shrinking videos that you intend to use on mobile devices that have limited storage.