Have You Made any Mistakes In Business?

If you are running a small business, and you have made a mistake, you’ll find that the thought that you would never have made this mistake if you had been a larger business will definitely occur to you. While there are certainly things which are easier for a larger business to handle, and there are problems that you will have as a small marketer that a larger business will never need to deal with, you’ll find that as a small business, you have a better chance of recovering from your mistakes and then keeping the customers afterward. Take a look below for some important things to keep in mind when you know that you’ve made an error.

1. Own up!
Nothing looks worse or more unprofessional than trying to cover up a mistake, unless its doing so badly. If you have made a mistake and a customer is involved, before they find out about it, let them know. Let them know what has happened, and if they are curious, let them know why it happened. You’ll find that the sooner that you tell them, the more understanding that they will be. This is significantly better than trying to hide it from them and having it come out later down the line.
2. Fix it
This goes without saying. While many larger businesses will simply give the client their money back and move on, this is not something that you have the luxury of doing. Your clients are important, and you’ll find that you can go a long way by treating them like it. Find a way to deliver what you promised, or at least something close to it. Speak with them personally, whether it is on an instant messenger service or on the phone.
3. Give them options
Your customers may feel powerless when things go wrong and there is little they personally can do to remedy things. Try offering them some control over the situation – ask them how they want things to be handled, and try your best to work with them to make them happy. The more pull they feel that they have over the situation, the more favorably they will be inclined to view your company.
4. Go above and beyond
After you have gotten their problem fixed, acknowledge that it has cost them, maybe not in money, but in time. Once the situation has been resolved, you will want to take some time and make sure that they continue to have a good opinion of you. Perhaps a coupon off their next purchase or a free gift could do this, or some other extra that you can throw in. Make sure that they like you, and you’ll find that they will continue to recommend you to their friends.

As you can see, there are many things you can do after you made a mistake. Take advantage of the personalization that is available when you are a small business and think of this as an opportunity to show your customer how versatile and valuable your service can be.