5 Creative Ways to Fund a Digital Marketing Campaign for your Startup

With most of the world now mobile, digital marketing campaigns are a must, especially for startup companies. It is ideal to prepare to launch with mobile-friendly advertisements and websites. On launch day, consumers should be able to see that your startup is up-to-date on technology, industry-trends and marketing trends. Additional funding to create digital campaigns and paying for circulation may be required.

Sponsored Mention

Run a special in your marketing department that creates a page for sponsors. This would be other businesses that have donated a set amount of funds with the agreement that a set amount of social media mentions/shares will be completed. Sharing audiences increases audiences and increases revenues for both businesses. It is a win-win situation.

For a donation of $20, for example, an agreement of 2 social media mentions for the period of one month is a sufficient trade.

Small Banner Ad

Allow businesses to purchase advertisement space with small banners on your website. The banners should not interrupt your content or take away from the functionality of the website. A page just for sponsored banner links can also be an option.

Promise a Cameo Appearance

Try pitching your startup and digital marketing campaign to popular celebrities or local influencers. Offer a cameo appearance with just a couple of lines in exchange for a donation. The positive media exposure for both entities does positively impact the overall reputation for both. Continued partnerships helps the brand create trust with consumers by creating consistency.

Hold a Fundraising Event

A fundraising event has to be funded itself to take place. Invite prominent local business owners, industry influencers and local community members to attend. Once you have the plans for the event written down, create the budget for the event. Seek additional funding via personal loan, which you can learn more here about, to make the event the best it can be.

During the event, create digital presentations and interactive displays to gain the attention of your guests. Invite influential keynote speakers to give demonstrations and speak of the startup being revolutionary and innovative in its respective industry. This will lead attendees to open their wallets and invest in the potential future of your startup.

Trade Services

Consider trading services with a digital media marketing production company. Your startup can offer referrals, free services and mentions on all created marketing campaigns for a period of time in return for a compelling digital marketing presentation. This type of arrangement can save your startup a lot of money up-front, allowing it to potentially turn a profit sooner.

Digital marketing campaigns do not need to be complex but they do need to look professional. You have a very short amount of time to capture your audience and make them want your product/service. Make the best of your campaigns by completing market research and researching current marketing trends so that you are creating appealing content for the right audiences. Analyze your efforts and make adjustments for upcoming digital marketing adventures to larger, broader audiences in varying demographic groups.