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Importance of Health & Safety in the Workplace

Workers are the most valuable assets for any firm or organization. It is the duty of organization to assure the well-being of the workers and to provide a safe working environment. Well reputed organizations have a zero tolerance policy and keep their workers’ health and safety at the highest priority. Also, sufficient measures are taken to ensure a risk-free and productive environment.

A workplace may have safety hazards such as handling of mechanical loads; operation of heavy and dangerous machinery; working with toxic and burnable chemicals; electrical equipment; working underground with oxygen deficiency or at a height which creates a fall hazard. All of these hazards must be removed or handled appropriately with the approved personal protective equipment and precautionary actions.

A workplace with the reduced risk of the safety hazards provides workers’ satisfaction and leads to a productive environment which eventually results in the betterment of the output. On the other hand, if necessary measures are not taken to improve workers’ safety, the workplace may become dangerous and unsuitable for work. This unhealthiness of the environment increases the occurrence of accidents and workers find it difficult to do their respective jobs at maximum efficiency.

In financial terms, Organizations which develop a good culture of health and safety within them are likely to get more attention in workers as well as business communities. Interest of the workers to be a part of these organizations increases their popularities and business ratings. Contrary to that, if an organization fails to implement safety standards such as “The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)”, it can lead to serious legal and financial trouble. Additionally, maintaining the health of the employees pays off by avoiding higher insurance premiums that the organization might be subsidising.

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